Areas of Practice



Litigation is a general term which encompasses various disputes which come before the Courts. Broadly speaking there are two arms of litigation – civil and criminal. Our solicitors are well versed in the preparation of court papers and have represented clients across all Irish Courts.

Our litigation practice areas include but are not limited to:

  • Medical negligence
  • Professional negligence
  • Commercial law
  • Employment Law
  • Product Liability
  • Debt Collection
  • Licensing
  • Criminal Law
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Immigration law
  • Defamation

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Clarke Flynn McCole Solicitors has a wealth of expertise in commercial, agricultural and residential property transactions, coupled with an in-depth local knowledge of the Mayo and Sligo regions. Our team are available to assist with the following property transactions:

  • Buying and selling residential property
  • Buying and selling agricultural land
  • Buying and selling commercial property
  • Property developments
  • Voluntary transfers of property
  • Tenancy agreements and leases
  • Taxation and licensing
  • Planning appeals and compensation

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Estate Planning


Our solicitors offer comprehensive advice on estate planning and the administration of estates.

The importance of making a Will cannot be understated. By making a Will, a person ensures that after their death their wishes are adhered to. By consulting with a solicitor in the process of making your Will, you benefit from professional taxation advice and reduce the chances of your Estate being contested.

We also offer assistance in the administration of estates, where we guide the personal representatives (executors and administrators) of the deceased through the process of paying their outstanding debts and distributing their assets.

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Enduring Power


An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you appoint one or two persons to look after your affairs in the event that you are incapable of looking after your own affairs at some point in the future. Your capacity/capability in the future will be decided by your Doctor or Consultant.

The benefits of an Enduring Power of Attorney are:

  • The ability to appoint a person of your own choosing to act on your behalf in the event that you are incapacitated.
  • Reduces stress and prevents family disputes when decisions are being made in relation to your assets and care.
  • A cheaper and more straightforward alternative to a Ward of Court application.

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Mediation offers a viable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to court proceedings. Following an EU Directive, the Mediation Act 2017 established a statutory framework designed to facilitate the settlement of disputes by mediation as an alternative to civil proceedings. Section 14 of the Act imposes an obligation on solicitors to advise their clients of the benefits of mediation in dispute resolution. If the parties refuse to engage in mediation without a sufficient reason, they may be penalised by the courts.

The advantages of mediation are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Greater control over the outcome of a dispute
  • Privacy

At Clarke Flynn McCole we encourage mediation in cases where it is likely to be beneficial. For further details on mediation and alternative dispute resolution, please contact us.



Irish law makes provision for various types of investigatory inquiry, including tribunals and commissions. If you are due to appear before such an inquiry, it is important to seek legal advice.

We offer tribunal representation across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Mental Health Commission
  • Residential Tenancies Board
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal
  • Workplace Relations Commission
  • Valuation Tribunal

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The information contained in this website is for informative purposes only and should not be relied on in any particular case.